Stainless Steel Ball Valves

Here are the key features and benefits of our ball valves:

  • The ball valves are designed to prevent dirt and debris from collecting internally. This ensures smooth operation and minimizes the risk of blockages or malfunctions.
  • The ball is encapsulated with Teflon seats, which provide a reliable sealing mechanism. These seats also prevent paint from getting trapped in the stem area when the valve is in the open or closed position.
  • All the ball valves are made of stainless steel, which offers excellent corrosion resistance, durability, and strength. Stainless steel is a reliable material choice for valves, particularly when dealing with hazardous or flammable fluids.
  • The ball valves are rated for a working pressure of 500 PSI (pounds per square inch). This indicates their capability to handle high-pressure applications safely and reliably.
  • The ball valves feature a one-piece body design, which means there are no seams or joints that could potentially become leak points. This enhances the overall integrity and reliability of the valves.
  • The ball valves are specifically designed to handle hazardous and flammable fluids like paints and solvents. This suggests that they meet the necessary safety standards and are suitable for applications involving such substances.

Our ball valves provide a combination of effective sealing, durability, pressure resistance, and suitability for hazardous fluids, making them a reliable choice for various industrial applications.