OD Tube Ball Valve

  • Specifically designed for use in automotive and other industrial operation paint-related systems and finishing processes.
  • Compatible with 3/8" or 1/2" stainless steel (SS) tubing.
  • Utilizes nut and ferrule connections for secure and reliable fitting.
  • Designed to connect to the main header for paint drops.

OD Tube Ball Valve Design Features:

  • Cavity-free design, ensuring no trapped material or residue.
  • Smooth bore design for efficient flow.
  • Compact size for ease of installation and space-saving.
  • One-piece body design for enhanced durability and reliability.
  • 7/8" hex body for easy handling and installation.

Product Description:

CP Specialty Products' OD tube ball valves are specifically tailored for paint-related systems, providing features like a cavity-free design and a one-piece body for smooth operation and efficient flow control. The compatibility with various types of tubing and connection to the main header for paint drops adds to its versatility in different automotive and industrial ball applications. The nut and ferrule connections ensure a secure fit. The compact size and hex body further enhance the practicality of these OD tube ball valves.

Part No.Description
CPBV-6TUBE-6TF3/8" OD Tube x 3/8" Tube Fitting
CPBV-8TUBE-8TF1/2" OD Tube x 1/2" Tube Fitting
CPBV-6TUBE-63/8" OD Tube x 3/8" NPS Male
* A number of standard sizes and custom sizes and configurations are available upon request. For consultation, please contact us.