Tube Fitting Ball Valve

  • Designed for use in automotive and other industrial operation paint-related systems and finishing processes.
  • 7/8" hex body for easy handling and installation.
  • Tube Fitting Ball Valves are compatible with a variety of tubing, including 3/8" and 1/2" stainless steel (SS) tubing, Nylon tubing and Teflon tubing.

Tube Fitting Ball Valve Design Features:

  • Utilizes nut and ferrule connections for secure and reliable fitting.
  • Cavity-free design, ensuring no trapped material or residue.
  • Smooth bore design for efficient flow.
  • Compact size for ease of installation; saves valuable space
  • One-piece body design for enhanced durability and reliability.

Product Description:

CP Specialty Products' Tube Fitting Valves are specifically tailored for a variety of paint-related systems, offering cavity-free design and a one-piece body for smooth operation and efficient flow control. The compatibility with various types of tubing provides versatility in different applications. The nut and ferrule connections ensure a secure fit. The compact size and hex body further enhance the practicality of these industrial ball valves.

Part No.Description
CPBV-6-6TF3/8" Male NPS x 3/8" Tube Fitting
CPBV-6T-6TF3/8" Male NPT x 3/8" Tube Fitting
CPBV-6-8TF3/8" Male NPS x 1/2" Tube Fitting
CPBV-6T-8TF3/8" Male NPT x 1/2" Tube Fitting
CPBV-6TF-6TF3/8" Tube Fitting x 3/8" Tube Fitting
CPBV-6TF-8TF3/8" Tube Fitting x 1/2" Tube Fitting
CPBV-8TF-8TF1/2" Tube Fitting x 1/2" Tube Fitting
* A number of standard sizes and custom sizes and configurations are available upon request. For consultation, please contact us.